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Jessica Rhodes

Trained at Iver Academy, Pinewood Studios

Hair and Body Painting by Jessica Rhodes Body painting

Today’s High Definition cameras and new trends in film making have changed the role of professional make up artists both on stage and screen.  Lighting techniques and CGI have increased the audiences’ thirst to be transported to fantasy worlds, gone by eras and creation of the impossible.

As a versatile MUA, I have an eye for improvisation and I work quickly on my feet. I can recreate a designer’s vision or another MUA’s work, on film locations or in a studio.  I am able to combine skills from all make up and hair areas, to work on one artist entirely as well as working as part of a team.  I am passionate about the industry which shows through in my projects from start to finish.

CONTINUITY A professional MUA must ensure continuity at all times, usually taking full responsibility. With film locations often at opposite ends of the world and shoots taken over months, MUAs will take great steps to ensure every hair curl or scar is exactly the same as the last film shoot , making the production flow seamlessly on screen.

Prosthetics & SFX Prosthetic Works by Jessica Rhodes including Cuts, Bruises and Bald Caps TV & Media Period Styling Examples of Period Makeup Wig & Hair Application Facial Hair Work by Jessica Rhodes

COMFORT  As MUA sessions can often last for hours at a time, it is paramount that the artist is made to feel as comfortable as possible before, during and after the process. As a professional MUA, I will take all possible measures to ensure a good working environment for the artist including room temperature and comfort of awkward seating positions.

Where hairpiece or prosthetic work is involved I will constantly check the artist during the shoot to ensure the make up is in tact, and that they are as comfortable as possible.

My Areas of expertise are not limited to:

Full body and large scale painting using foils, glitters, airbrushing and paint media for show stopping TV commercials, Films, Advertising and Editorial, Stage shows and productions

Design and creation of fantasy and dramatic figures for TV, Film, Stage, Editorial and Advertising

Cuts and Bruises, Scars, wounds, burns, ageing and general make up effects, including sculpting and mould making, for all TV, film and theatre applications

From Ancient Egyptian to Post War England, application of realistic period hair and make up for all TV, film and stage productions  

All aspects of professional hair and make up including media presenters, red carpet events and male grooming, compatible with studio lighting

Creation, application and dressing of facial hair and all types of hair pieces,  including historical styling, for a natural and realistic look or fantasy creations